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The Sea Glass Sisters

15 Jul

The Sea Glass Sisters

The Sea Glass Sisters by Lisa Wingate is a beautiful novella that precedes her novel, The Prayer Box, releasing in September.

You will immediately be drawn into the story as you read of Elizabeth Gallagher and the traumatic event that has occurred over which she feels much guilt.  When the opportunity arises for Elizabeth to step away from her life for a few days and journey with her mother, Sharon, to the Outer Banks, she simply goes along for the ride.  Little does she know that this journey is just what she and her mother need most.

Once Elizabeth and Sharon reach the Banks, they set out to find what they’ve come for or rather who they’ve come for.  However, Aunt Sandy has other plans and isn’t going anywhere.  Instead, she and the other residents of Fairhope prepare their shops and homes for the approaching hurricane.  As the waters begin to recede, Elizabeth, Sharon, and Sandy must weather an even greater storm together.  This one hitting a little closer to home.

This is a wonderfully written story of the ties that bind us to our family, friends, and our community.  Like pieces of sea glass, we are often tossed in the tumult of life’s ocean.  Our edges may become smooth and our view a bit frosted, but we are still unique and beautiful and face an ocean of possibilities!

Order your copy today and enjoy this touching and memorable journey!

Let’s begin…

15 Jul

I can’t begin to talk about books without first telling you about some of my very favorite gals.  They are the ones I visit with each morning, soaking up their wit and wisdom.  I love the chatter that goes along with each day’s topic and I enjoy sharing a few thoughts of my own!  We gather on the porch each weekday and I invite you to join us. 

Let me go ahead and introduce you to these lovely ladies.  They are Lisa Wingate, Beth Webb Hart, Julie Cantrell, Rachel Hauck, and Shellie Rushing Tomlinson.  All of the belles are AMAZINGLY talented and I look forward to sharing their books and other endeavors with you. 

You can stop by for your own little visit at: 

I hope to see you there!