Friday Freebie

30 Jan

Forgiveness Collection

A Bridge Unbroken and The Fragrance of Crushed Violets
by Cathy Bryant

FREE January 27-31 at Amazon!

Now bundled in this digital collection, the fifth Miller’s Creek novel A BRIDGE UNBROKEN and its companion Bible study THE FRAGRANCE OF CRUSHED VIOLETS both explore the difficult topic of forgiving the inexcusable.


Not all scars are visible…
Frightened and on the run, Dakota Kelly just wants to erase the painful past. But her plan to start afresh is derailed when she co-inherits her late grandfather’s farm with her high school sweetheart–the one responsible for the scars on her heart. Unfortunately, he’s not the only ghost from the past. Someone else is on her trail and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Will Chance and Dakota lay aside old wounds and a harbored secret to restore the old farmhouse and bridge, or will evil forces sabotage their attempts to forgive?


A Bible study on forgiveness…
What do we do when someone seems determined to bring us down through an attack that is personal, public, and unfounded? How do we deal with meaningless acts of destruction especially when the offender shows no remorse? In short, how do we move past the emotional pain to a place of forgiveness?

This forgiveness Bible study examines relevant scriptures for the purpose of building a Biblical understanding of:

• what forgiveness is and what it isn’t
• God’s role in the process of forgiveness
• what Jesus accomplished at the cross for each of us
• our mandate to forgive as we’ve been forgiven
• what gets in the way of forgiving others
• and how to truly forgive the unforgivable

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  1. Melanie Backus January 30, 2015 at 8:22 am #

    Wow! Thanks You for letting us know, Britney. Love these Friday Freebies!!!!!

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