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#BookReview: Song of Silence | Prize Pack #Giveaway

27 Apr

Song of Silence

Song of Silence by Cynthia Ruchti

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Music taught Lucy love and beauty. Could silence teach her hope?

Lucy and Charlie Tuttle agree on one thing: they’re committed to each other for life. Trouble is, neither of them expected life to look like this. Charlie retired early, but Lucy is devoted to a long-term career . . . until the day she has no choice.

Forced to retire from her position as music educator in a small Midwestern K-8 school, Lucy can only watch helplessly as the program her father started years ago disintegrates before her eyes. As the music fades and a chasm separates her form the passion of her heart, Lucy wonders if her faith’s song has gone silent, too. The musical score of her life seems to be missing all the notes.

When a simple misstep threatens to silence Lucy forever, a young boy and his soundless mother change the way she sees—and hears—everything.


My thoughts:

“Rests deserve as much attention as the notes you sing or play.
Honor each rest as a precise note of soundlessness.”

Song of Silence is sure to strike a chord in the hearts of all who read it! Cynthia Ruchti is a gifted storyteller and has once again shared a beautiful story of hope and healing.

Boasting wonderful characterization and an engaging plot, Song of Silence captured my attention from beginning to end. Lucy’s journey stirred my emotions and offered thought-provoking insight into a number of issues. Themes of silence and rest carry through the narrative and create a tender, touching tale. I loved this poignant story and highly recommend it!


Celebrate the release of Song of Silence with a blog tour and giveaway. Two winners will be chosen!

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Cynthia Ruchti (2)
Cynthia Ruchti tells stories hemmed in hope. She’s the award-winning author of 17 books and a frequent speaker for women’s ministry events. She serves as the Professional Relations Liaison for American Christian Fiction Writers, where she helps retailers, libraries, and book clubs connect with the authors and books they love. She lives with her husband in Central Wisconsin.



Song of Silence

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own.  Click here to read what other bloggers are saying about Song of Silence.

#BookReview: The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White

26 Apr

The Magnolia Duchess

The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White

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As the War of 1812 rages across the newly formed United States, another war rages in Fiona Lanier’s heart–one that threatens to tear her family apart.

Fiona can scarcely take in the news of her brother’s capture and imprisonment by the British Navy. It is almost as unbelievable as the half-drowned British sailor who is washed ashore on the beach of Navy Cove.

Charlie Kincaid claims to have no memory of his life before being discovered by Fiona, but in a world that seems saturated with treachery, she cannot be sure he is telling the truth.

As Charlie’s memory returns in agonizing jags and crashes, he and Fiona discover that falling in love may be as inevitable as the tide. But when political allegiances collide, they’ll each have to decide where their true loyalty lies.


My thoughts:

The Magnolia Duchess is an intriguing story! Although I haven’t read the first two books in the Gulf Coast Chronicles, I had no trouble enjoying Book 3.

Fiona and Charlie share a compelling journey as war rages all around, and they struggle to discover the truth of their loyalties and their love. I really enjoyed the history of this story and the intricate details White uses to bring it to life. From action and adventure to drama and danger, The Magnolia Duchess is a well-told historical romance. I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading the first two books in the series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own.


About the author:

Beth White’s day job is teaching music at an inner-city high school in historic Mobile, Alabama. A native Mississippian, she writes historical romance with a Southern drawl and is the author of The Pelican Bride and The Creole Princess. Her novels have won the American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award, the RT Book Club Reviewers’ Choice Award, and the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award. Learn more at

#BookReview: The Reluctant Duchess | Rowena’s Comforts #Giveaway

25 Apr


The Reluctant Duchess by Roseanna M. White

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Lady Rowena Kinnaird may be the heiress to a Highland earldom, but she has never felt good enough—not for her father, not for the man she thought she’d marry, not for God. But after a shocking attack, she’s willing to be forever an outcast if it means escaping Loch Morar and the men who have jeopardized her life.

Brice Myerston, the Duke of Nottingham, has suddenly found himself in possession of a rare treasure his enemies are prepared to kill for. While Brice has never been one to shy away from manor-born ladies, the last thing he needs is the distraction of his neighbor, Lady Rowena, who finds herself in a desperate situation. But when the moody Earl of Lochabar tries to trap Brice into marrying Rowena, Brice finds he’s not as opposed to the idea as he expected to be.

Rowena wanted to escape the Highlands, but she’s reluctant to resort to marrying a notorious flirt just to gain his English home. And when she learns that Brice is mixed up in some kind of questionable business with a stolen treasure, she ’fears she’s about to end up directly in the path of everything she was trying to avoid.


My thoughts:

“Love is not just a thing, after all, it is an action too.”

The Reluctant Duchess is an exceptional story! As I opened the beautiful cover, I was quickly swept away and immersed in the drama that unfolded. Evoking imagery and emotion from the first word until the last, Roseanna White captivated me with Rowena and Brice’s journey. I loved the intrigue and romance of The Reluctant Duchess and highly recommend this novel to historical fiction fans!

The Reluctant Duchess is the second book in the Ladies of the Manor series. While there are continuing themes from the first book, the story itself is independent of The Lost Heiress. I loved both of these novels and eagerly await the release of Book 3, A Lady Unrivaled.


To celebrate the release of The Reluctant Duchess, Roseanna is sharing a few of Rowena’s favorite things!  Click here to enter the giveaway!

The Reluctant Duchess giveaway


Roseanna M. White

Roseanna M. White pens her novels beneath her Betsy Ross flag, with her Jane Austen action figure watching over her. When not writing fiction, she’s homeschooling her two children, editing and designing, and pretending her house will clean itself. Roseanna has a slew of historical novels available, ranging from biblical fiction to American-set romances to her new British series. She lives with her family in West Virginia.

Learn more at




I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own.

Join Becky Wade for a Facebook party on May 5!

22 Apr
wade event promo - fb

A female bodyguard plus her star NFL client plus danger equals a great recipe for romance! Her One and Only, book four in Becky Wade’s Porter Family novels, releases May 3. To celebrate, Becky is hosting an author chat party on her Facebook page on May 5 at 5 PM PDT/8 PM EDT. Join Becky for an evening of book chat with other bookworms and prizes.

Plus a portion of all pre-sales and sales the release week of Her One and Only will be donated to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. For more details on how to purchase a copy, click here.

wade 400 - fallen heroes

About the book:

After ten years in the NFL, super star Gray Fowler is accustomed to obsessive fans. But when Gray starts receiving death threats from a stalker, his team hires an executive protection agency to guard him until the culprit is caught. Dealing with bodyguards 24/7 is a headache, especially when one of them is a young, beautiful woman. How can a female half his size possibly protect him better than he can protect himself?

Dru Porter is a former Marine, an expert markswoman, and a black belt–none of which saved her from disaster on her last assignment. In order to rebuild her tarnished reputation, she’s determined to find Gray’s stalker and, since relationships between agents and clients are forbidden, avoid a romantic attachment between herself and the rugged football player with the mysterious past.

Yet every secret that leads Dru closer to the stalker also draws her closer to Gray. As the danger escalates, they’ll survive only if they can learn to trust their lives — and their hearts — to one another.

Learn more and purchase a copy.

#BookReview: Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

21 Apr

Like Never Before

Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

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Maple Valley became Amelia Bentley’s haven after her heart and her dreams of a family were shattered. But her new life as a newspaper editor is shaken when the small-town paper is in danger of closing. Her one hope: A lead on an intriguing story that just might impress the new publisher…if only she new who he was.

After his biggest campaign success yet, widowed speechwriter Logan Walker now has the chance of a lifetime–a spot on a presidential campaign. But his plans are interrupted when he finds out he’s inherited his hometown newspaper. He travels home intent on selling the paper and spending some much-needed time with his young daughter before making the leap into national politics.

But instead of a quick sale and peaceful break from his hectic career, Logan finds himself helping Amelia chase her story. She’s scrappy, but wounded. He’s dependable, but lost. They may butt heads more than expected, but a series of leads on Maple Valley’s quirky unsolved mystery is just the start of the sparks that fly in the office and in their hearts.


Quote- Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg

My thoughts:

Like Never Before is a must-read romance! Melissa Tagg’s trademark humor and wit shine as she brings Logan and Amelia’s story to life.

From the email banter that begins the novel to the sigh worthy ending, each and every word is pure delight. Speaking of words, here’s one for you – LOGAN. Be still my heart! I love this guy who sees Amelia for who she really is. “I just think one person seeing you for who you really are is better than 150,000 people who’ve got it wrong.”

Humorous and heartfelt, Like Never Before is a novel that is equal parts entertaining and encouraging! The charm of Maple Valley and its residents swept me into the story and Amelia and Logan engaged me with every turn of the page. I reveled in the unexpected historical mystery that threads its way through the novel and savored the inspirational insights that were shared.

From the moment I met them, the members of the Walker family leapt straight from the pages and into my heart. “They are one of Maple Valley’s staple families- the kind everyone loved and not-so-secretly wanted to be a part of.” I adored Like Never Before and can’t wait to continue this fantastic series!



Melissa Tagg is a former reporter and total Iowa girl. In addition to her homeless ministry day job, she’s also the marketing/events coordinator for My Book Therapy, a craft and coaching community for writers. When she’s not writing, she can be found hanging out with the coolest family ever (not that she’s biased), watching old movies, and daydreaming about her next story. She’s passionate about humor, grace, and happy endings.

Melissa blogs regularly and loves connecting with readers at


Like Never Before

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own.

#BookReview: Faith by Lyn Cote

20 Apr


Faith by Lyn Cote

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The Civil War battlefield is the last place Quakeress Faith Cathwell thought she’d find herself. But with a gift for nursing, Faith seizes this opportunity to join the fight for abolition—and to search for Shiloh, a freeborn childhood friend who was kidnapped and sold south by unscrupulous slave catchers.

Knowing it’s much too dangerous for her to search enemy territory alone, Faith enlists the help of Colonel Devlin Knight, who is indebted to her for saving his cousin’s life. A career soldier, Dev is committed to the preservation of the Union but conflicted about freeing his own slave and confidant, who plans to enlist as soon as Dev gives him manumission papers.

Blazing a trail east with the rest of Grant’s army, Dev and Faith fight their personal battles—and a growing attraction to each other. When beliefs clash and passions flare, they quickly find that the only thing more dangerous than the war surrounding them is the battle within their hearts.


My thoughts:

Faith is a captivating story! The third novel in the Quaker Brides series, Lyn Cote concludes the trilogy with a story rich in history and brimming with drama, danger, and romance!

Civil War battlefields come to life as Quakeress Faith Cathwell nurses the wounded while searching for her childhood friend. When she meets Colonel Devlin Knight, a new battle is waged as Faith struggles with the feelings that begin to develop. Cote weaves fact and fiction into a most compelling narrative, one filled with depth and emotion. I loved Faith and Dev’s journey and the culmination of this wonderful series.

While Faith is a stand-alone story, it does revisit beloved characters from previous books, Honor and Blessing. All three novels, as well as the series prequel, Where Honor Began, are recommended reads for fans of historical fiction.


Lyn Cote

In 1997, Lyn Cote’s first book, Never Alone, was chosen for the “new” Love Inspired romance line. Since then, Lyn has had over thirty-five novels published. In 2006 Lyn’s book, Chloe, was a finalist for the RITA, and her book Her Patchwork Family was a finalist for the Carol Award in 2010 and Her Healing Ways won in 2011. These are two of the highest awards in the romance genre.

Lyn’s brand “Strong Women, Brave Stories,” always includes three elements: a strong heroine who is a passionate participant in her times, authentic historical detail and a multicultural cast of characters. Lyn also features stories of strong women both from real life and true to life fiction on her blog



I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own.

#BookReview: Sit, Stay, Love by Dana Mentink | Prize Pack #Giveaway

19 Apr

Sit, Stay, Love

Sit, Stay, Love by Dana Mentink

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Take one abrasive professional athlete, a quirky out-of-work schoolteacher, and an overweight geriatric dog, and you’re ready for a lesson in love . . . Tippy style.

Pro baseball pitcher Cal Crawford is not a dog guy. When he inherits his deceased mother’s elderly dog, Tippy, he’s quick to call on a pet-sitting service.

Gina isn’t thrilled to be a dog sitter when her aspirations lie in the classroom. Furthermore, she can’t abide the unfriendly Cal, a man with all the charm of a wet towel. But with no other prospects and a deep love for all things canine, she takes the job caring for Tippy.

As Gina travels through Cal’s world with Tippy in tow, she begins to see Cal in a different light. Gina longs to show Cal the God-given blessings in his life that have nothing to do with baseball or fame. When her longing blooms into attraction, Gina does her best to suppress it. But Cal is falling in love with her too . . .


My thoughts:

“There’s just something about Tippy.”

Yes, indeed! This adorable dachshund mix stole my heart, as did Gina and Cal. Theirs is a heartwarming tale, and I loved every word. From the quirky characters to the humorous antics, I reveled in the charm of this story. While it is a lighthearted romance, Sit, Stay, Love shares a deeper message that will resonate with many readers. Delightfully engaging and entertaining, Sit, Stay, Love is sure to put a smile on your face. Dana Mentink hit a home run with this story, and I would love to read more Tippy tales!

What do you get when you add one abrasive professional athlete, a quirky out-of-work schoolteacher, and an overweight geriatric dog? A lesson in love—Tippy style—in Dana Mentink’s new book, Sit, Stay, Love. As Gina travels through Cal’s world with Tippy in tow, she begins to see Cal in a different light. Gina longs to show Cal the God-given blessings in his life that have nothing to do with baseball or fame. When her longing blooms into attraction, Gina does her best to suppress it. But Cal is falling in love with her too. . . .

Join Dana in celebrating the release of Sit, Stay, Love with a blog tour and a Travels with Tippy prize pack giveaway!

sit stay love-400

One grand prize winner will receive:

  • A copy of Sit, Stay, Love
  • A $75 Visa cash card
  • A basket filled with Tippy-themed goodies
    • Travel-themed decorator box
    • Reading dog statue
    • Dog journal
    • Poems for Dog Lovers
    • Snuggle Paws fleece blanket from Animal Rescue Site
    • Pawprint scarf
    • Doxie desk pen
    • Pupmobile auto magnet

Enter today by clicking the icon below. But hurry! The giveaway ends on April 25th. The winner will be announced April 26th on Dana’s blog.

sit stay love-enterbanner


Dana Mentink

Dana Mentink lives in California, where the weather is golden and the cheese is divine. Dana is an American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year finalist for romantic suspense and an award winner in the Pacific Northwest Writers Literary Contest. Her suspense novel, Betrayal in the Badlands, earned a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award. Besides writing, she busies herself teaching third and fourth grade. Mostly, she loves to be home with her husband, two daughters, a dog with social anxiety problems, a chubby box turtle, and a feisty parakeet.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram


Sit, Stay, Love

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.  All thoughts expressed are my own.  Click here to read what other bloggers are saying about Sit, Stay, Love.

#BookReview: The Art of Afternoon Tea by Penelope M. Carlevato

18 Apr

The Art of Afternoon Tea

The Art of Afternoon Tea by Penelope M. Carlevato

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Amazon | Barnes and Noble

A gourmet guidebook and an irresistible collection of almost 100 recipes, directly from, or inspired by, the fascinating era of the Edwardians. Includes special menus for entertaining friends, with interesting facts and stories of life in Downton Abbey and Titanic times. Whether planning a Birthday Tea, a Christmas Tea, a Christening Tea or even a themed Downton Abbey Tea, the pleasures of celebrating and sharing tea time come alive as Penelope shares her enthusiasm, knowledge, and inspiration for all things tea. Discover the pleasures and rituals of high tea and afternoon tea in the grand English style of Downton Abbey’s ambiance and the traditions of the Titanic’s first class customs.

My thoughts:

The Art of Afternoon Tea is a wonderful book! From the very first page, Penelope Carlevato captivated me with her enthusiasm for tea and her extensive knowledge of both the drink and the ceremony. I thoroughly enjoyed the fascinating history and tradition of tea and delighted in the references to Downton Abbey and the Titanic.

With a myriad of details, stories, recipes, and menus, Carlevato paints a vivid picture of the Edwardian era. I loved this charming book and highly recommend it to tea enthusiasts and Downton Abbey fans alike!


Quote- The Art of Afternoon Tea


Penelope Carlevato

British-born and an avid tea lover, Penelope grew up with tea as a way of life. Author of several books, including Tea on the Titanic and First Class Etiquette, and founder of Penelope’s Tea Time, she has written many magazine articles (including, currently, a column for Leading Hearts Magazine); co-hosted the web TV series Cooking up Wonders; and is known as the “Ambassador of Tea.” A passionate traveler, Penelope leads groups on an annual “Taste of Britain” tea tour to the British Isles. She and her husband reside in Colorado, have three grown children, and grandparents of 11 future tea-lovers.


The Art of Afternoon Tea

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own.

Friday Freebies

15 Apr

Freebie Graphic-


All for Anna

All for Anna by Nicole Deese

Kindle | Nook

An empowering love story about letting go of guilt and holding on to hope.

When Tori Sales, a 23 year-old trauma nurse returns home, she’s determined to escape the painful memories that haunt her still…two years after the loss of Anna. But not even the distraction of a new job, an overbearing family, or a therapist who won’t take no for an answer can lessen the guilt trapped inside her.

After a chance encounter with a compassionate fireman, Tori sets out on a journey to find closure where she needs it most. But when a shocking revelation threatens the relationship she’s come to rely on, Tori is forced to make another life-altering decision. Will she stay with the man she loves or will she choose the escape she knows best…


Under the Tulip Poplar

Under the Tulip Poplar by Diane Ashley & Aaron McCarver

Kindle | Nook

Rebekah eagerly anticipates the return of her childhood sweetheart from college and his long-awaited proposal. But when Asher instead tells her that their wedding must wait while he fights for his country, Rebekah’s dreams seem to shatter around her.

Asher longs to provide a life of wealth and position for his true love, Rebekah. But when she balks at some of his plans for their future, he begins to question the dreams he believed they shared.

Will Rebekah and Asher lose their dreams of love or follow God’s leading to the life He has for them together?


White River Dreams

White River Dreams by Frances Devine

Kindle | Nook 

With her brother prepared to bring his new bride home to their Missouri farm, Lexie Rayton desires to make a change in her life. She is delighted when given the opportunity to care for two orphaned girls on a neighboring farm. But it is the girls’ caregiver, Jack Sullivan, who captures her interest.

Jack Sullivan is willing to give up his beloved riverboat and enter into a marriage of convenience with Lexie in order to adopt the twin girls he adores. But when dreams of something more awaken his heart, will Lexie return his love?

#BookReview: The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder | Murder Mystery Prize Pack #Giveaway

14 Apr

The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder

The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder by Rachel McMillan

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In 1910 Toronto, while other bachelor girls perfect their domestic skills and find husbands, two friends perfect their sleuthing skills and find a murderer.

Inspired by their fascination with all things Sherlock Holmes, best friends and flatmates Merinda and Jem launch a consulting detective business. The deaths of young Irish women lead Merinda and Jem deeper into the mire of the city’s underbelly, where the high hopes of those dreaming to make a new life in Canada are met with prejudice and squalor.

While searching for answers, donning disguises, and sneaking around where no proper ladies would ever go, they pair with Jasper Forth, a police constable, and Ray DeLuca, a reporter in whom Jem takes a more than professional interest. Merinda could well be Toronto’s premiere consulting detective, and Jem may just find a way to put her bachelor girlhood behind her forever—if they can stay alive long enough to do so.


My thoughts:

“A murder scene is no place for a proper lady.”

With a nod to Sherlock and Watson, McMillan’s bachelor girls Merinda and Jem reject the social expectations of the time and set their caps on professional careers. In an effort to launch their detective business, the intrepid sleuths scour the city in search of a murderer. Along the way, they find themselves in one adventure after another and encounter drama, danger, and romance.

The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder is cleverly crafted and told from multiple points of view that change at will. For me, this was a bit jarring at times and took some getting used to, as did the occasional use of footnotes. I appreciated the wit and humor, but was hoping for more depth to the story and its characters. Ray DeLuca was the character I enjoyed most, and I delighted in his and Jem’s story. While it was not quite what I was expecting, The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder is an imaginative and entertaining tale.


Meet best friends and flatmates Merinda and Jem, who launch their own Sherlock Holmes-esque consulting detective business in 1910 Toronto in Rachel McMillan’s The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder. The deaths of young Irish women lead Merinda and Jem deeper into the mire of the city’s underbelly. Merinda could well be Toronto’s premiere consulting detective, and Jem may just find a way to put her bachelor girlhood behind her forever–if they can stay alive long enough to do so.

Rachel is celebrating the release of The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder with a Murder Mystery Prize Pack giveaway (details below) and an author chat party on April 28!


One grand prize winner will receive:

Enter today by clicking the icon below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on 4/28. The winner will be announced at The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder Facebook party. RSVP for a chance to connect with Rachel and other readers, as well as for a chance to win other prizes!


RSVP today and spread the word—tell your friends about the giveaway via FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or PINTEREST and increase your chances of winning. Hope to see you on the 28th!


Rachel McMillan

Rachel McMillan is a keen history enthusiast and a lifelong bibliophile. When not writing or reading, she can most often be found drinking tea and watching British miniseries. Rachel lives in bustling Toronto, where she works in educational publishing and pursues her passion for art, literature, music, and theater.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram



The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.  All thoughts expressed are my own.  Click here to read what other bloggers are saying about The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder.