#BookReview: The Art of Afternoon Tea by Penelope M. Carlevato

18 Apr

The Art of Afternoon Tea

The Art of Afternoon Tea by Penelope M. Carlevato

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A gourmet guidebook and an irresistible collection of almost 100 recipes, directly from, or inspired by, the fascinating era of the Edwardians. Includes special menus for entertaining friends, with interesting facts and stories of life in Downton Abbey and Titanic times. Whether planning a Birthday Tea, a Christmas Tea, a Christening Tea or even a themed Downton Abbey Tea, the pleasures of celebrating and sharing tea time come alive as Penelope shares her enthusiasm, knowledge, and inspiration for all things tea. Discover the pleasures and rituals of high tea and afternoon tea in the grand English style of Downton Abbey’s ambiance and the traditions of the Titanic’s first class customs.

My thoughts:

The Art of Afternoon Tea is a wonderful book! From the very first page, Penelope Carlevato captivated me with her enthusiasm for tea and her extensive knowledge of both the drink and the ceremony. I thoroughly enjoyed the fascinating history and tradition of tea and delighted in the references to Downton Abbey and the Titanic.

With a myriad of details, stories, recipes, and menus, Carlevato paints a vivid picture of the Edwardian era. I loved this charming book and highly recommend it to tea enthusiasts and Downton Abbey fans alike!


Quote- The Art of Afternoon Tea


Penelope Carlevato

British-born and an avid tea lover, Penelope grew up with tea as a way of life. Author of several books, including Tea on the Titanic and First Class Etiquette, and founder of Penelope’s Tea Time, she has written many magazine articles (including, currently, a column for Leading Hearts Magazine); co-hosted the web TV series Cooking up Wonders; and is known as the “Ambassador of Tea.” A passionate traveler, Penelope leads groups on an annual “Taste of Britain” tea tour to the British Isles. She and her husband reside in Colorado, have three grown children, and grandparents of 11 future tea-lovers.


The Art of Afternoon Tea

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own.

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