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#BookReview: Looking Glass Lies by Varina Denman

8 May

Looking Glass Lies is a poignant and powerful novel! Richly layered, Denman tackles weighty, mature issues and does so with a deft hand. The emotional depth of the story is vast, and thoughts of the characters and their journeys continue to linger in my mind. This is a book that provokes both thought and discussion, making it a great book club selection. Heart-wrenching, yet hopeful, Looking Glass Lies is not soon to be forgotten!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. No review was required, and all thoughts expressed are my own.



About the book:

For most of her adult life, Cecily Ross has compared herself to other women—and come up short. After a painful divorce from her emotionally abusive husband, Cecily returns to her hometown of Canyon, Texas, looking to heal.

But coming home isn’t what she expects. In a town as small as Canyon, her pain is difficult to escape—especially with her model-perfect ex–sister-in-law working at the town’s popular coffee-shop hangout. With help from her father, a support group, and an old friend who guides her to see her own strengths, Cecily may have a shot at overcoming her insecurities and learning to love again.

The true test comes when tragedy strikes, opening Cecily’s eyes to the harmfulness of her distorted views on beauty—and giving her the perfect opportunity to find peace at last.

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#BookReview: A Different Beautiful by Courtney Westlake

1 Aug

A Different Beautiful

A Different Beautiful by Courtney Westlake

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When Courtney Westlake’s family was given the shocking news that their daughter, Brenna, was born in 2011 with a severe, life-threatening skin disorder, they began to discover a new and different beautiful in their lives–one that values extraordinary differences and appreciates the wonderful sameness found in humanity. In A Different Beautiful, Courtney explores what her family has discovered in raising a child with physical differences and what she has learned about true beauty. Through her personal insights and experiences, Courtney shares how you, too, can learn to find and celebrate God’s version of beautiful in your life, especially within our differences and struggles.


My thoughts:

Courtney Westlake opens her heart and candidly shares her family’s story in A Different Beautiful. Through their experiences with their daughter Brenna, the Westlakes discovered “what it truly means to celebrate beauty in life.” “Sometimes we may need to step back to see things for the beautiful that they are and could be. Sometimes beauty in our lives looks so different than what we expected that we can’t even see it at first.”

In the pages of this book, Courtney details ways to discover, appreciate, and celebrate beauty. I was moved by Courtney’s powerful words and inspired by the wisdom she shared. “When we can see the beautiful in the unexpected, we learn to find joy and celebration in what is, instead of mourning what isn’t.” A Different Beautiful is sure to touch the hearts of all who read it!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own.