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3 Mar

Blowing on Dandelions

Blowing on Dandelions by Miralee Ferrell

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Blowing on Dandelions is the first book in Miralee Ferrell’s Love Blossoms in Oregon series.  The other books in the series are also on sale right now.  All four e-books can be purchased for under $10.00.  It’s the perfect time to enjoy this wonderful series!

Sale + FREE Book: Love Blossoms in Oregon series

5 Jan

Several of Miralee Ferrell’s historical romances are on sale!  If you haven’t read the Love Blossoms in Oregon series, now is the perfect time to get started!!

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Blowing on Dandelions

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Forget Me Not

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Forget Me Not- Special Promo

28 Apr

Now through Tuesday, Forget Me Not by Miralee Ferrell is available in eBook format for only $0.99! 

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Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not by Miralee Ferrell


Can a Lost Love be Redeemed?

Baker City, Oregon, 1881

Seven years ago, Julia McKenzie rejected the man she loved, wanting to experience more of life. Now, at the age of twenty-four, she regrets that decision. What will Seth think of her, when they encounter one another hundreds of miles from home? Will the man she cared for understand the direction her life has taken and love her in spite of her choices?

Pastor Seth Russell has never completely forgotten the girl he once courted. When she shows up in his new home of Baker City, all those feelings return. But why is she sneaking around town late at night? Even more important, will she reject him and break his heart again, or can God heal the breach between them?


Forget Me Not is a story that is as beautiful and unique as its namesake! This heartfelt novella is a wonderful addition to the Love Blossoms in Oregon series. While any of the books in the series can stand alone, I encourage you to read them in order. In doing so, you will come to know the residents of Baker City, Oregon, and understand their stories.

Miralee Ferrell is a master storyteller and has once again penned an exceptional story. I loved the endearing characters and their spiritual and emotional journeys! I was also touched by the themes of compassion and forgiveness, expressed so eloquently in this novella. One of my favorite quotes is, “Forgiving isn’t saying what they did is right, it’s simply letting go of the past and choosing to walk toward God’s light and love, instead of toward darkness.”

Inspiring words of wisdom and faith, woven together in this tender love story, make Forget Me Not a must read!

Author Spotlight- Miralee Ferrell

23 Oct

Miralee Ferrell- headshot

I am delighted to welcome Miralee Ferrell!

In Blowing on Dandelions, Miralee speaks to women’s heartfelt struggles—from family dysfunction to single parenthood—-while offering them the faith-filled hope they need, all wrapped in an uplifting, true-to-life romance.

Miralee and her husband, Allen, live on 11 acres in the Columbia River Gorge. They have two grown children and recently their son and his wife presented them with a beautiful new granddaughter. Miralee has been writing since 2005, and her first book was published in 2007.

Since then, she’s had 7 books published, both in women’s contemporary fiction and historical fiction, with another 6 under contract. Her western romance, Love Finds You in Sundance, WY, was awarded the Will Rogers Medallion for Excellence in Western Fiction and her newest release, Blowing on Dandelions, is the first in a three book series set in Oregon. Miralee loves interacting with people, ministering at her church, riding her horse and playing with her dogs. She also speaks at various women’s functions and has taught at conferences.

You can find her at:
Web site: http://www.miraleeferrell.com
Blog: http://www.miraleesdesk.blogspot.com
Facebook Author page: http://www.facebook.com/miraleeferrell
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/miraleeferrell

Was it always a dream of yours to write or did you discover your talent through other pursuits?

I know a lot of people talk about God nudging them to write, but that truly happened to me. I had no desire to write (other than personal memories/journals/letters). I was visiting a neighboring church to hear a special speaker. At the end of the service I responded to a call for prayer. The pastor/speaker prayed with me and stopped after a few moments. He shared that he felt God was saying that I should be writing…he didn’t know whether fiction or non-fiction, but that it was important it be published. I took that word home, prayed about it and counseled with my pastor, husband and mother, who all urged me to take it seriously. Two-and-a-half years later (after 3 magazine articles were published) my first book, The Other Daughter, released. Since then I’ve had 7 books published and 6 more are under contract.

When and where do you do most of your writing? 

It really varies as to the when, but the where is always in my office on the second floor of our house. Here’s a picture!

Miralee Ferrell's office

Blowing on Dandelions is the first book in the Love Blossoms in Oregon series.  What was your inspiration for writing this series? 

It all started several years ago, when I bumped into an old friend. Over the course of our time together, she let slip little comments about her relationship with her mother. Let’s just say the comments were filled with pain and grief. Mama was alive, well, and still contributing to that pain.

While giving her a hug, I asked if I could pray with her that God would grant her peace and healing. Through barely contained tears, she refused. Not that she wasn’t grateful, but she couldn’t tolerate the thought of attaining some kind of peace, only to return home to the same situation and have it shattered—or worse, new shards embedded into her healed heart. I went home heartsick and unable to shake the urgency to pray for my friend.

As I asked the Lord what my next writing project should be, He directed me back to those memories. I knew He was showing me that thousands of women ache with the same need—for approval, love, and acceptance their mothers.

I started writing Blowing on Dandelions as contemporary women’s fiction, but after two chapters, I decided it would be better received if set in the 1800s, and rather than women’s fiction it needed to be historical romance with a women’s fiction thread. It was a bigger challenge showing the depth of the heroine’s emotions, as so much was demanded during that era in regards to respect and honor toward parents. Children didn’t speak back to their elders and often repressed how they felt. However, although this is a work of fiction in a historical setting with a strong romance thread, it closely parallels daily events in today’s world.

The second book in the Love Blossoms in Oregon series, Wishing on Buttercups, releases in February 2014 and is currently available for pre-order.  Here is a brief summary. 
 Wishing on Buttercups

Can Love Survive When Secrets Collide?

She’d kept her secrets safely hidden—those from her past, and those in the present. Some things, Beth Roberts knows, a lady simply doesn’t share, even in the 1880’s West. The townspeople would never understand. No one ever has.

 Jeffery Tucker, a handsome young writer, has kept his own secrets. He doesn’t have a right to pry into Beth’s affairs but finds himself strangely drawn to her and intrigued by the whiff of mystery surrounding her.

Beth knows that one day someone will unravel the threads of her past. And when two men from her past arrive, the truth might just hurt . . . Beth’s future and her heart.

 As shadowy memories surface, Beth sketches the scenes she sees and is shocked by what—and who—her illustrations reveal. Dare she risk her heart again?

I am thrilled that Miralee has offered a sneak peek at Book 3 in the Love Blossoms in Oregon series. 

Please join me Friday as Miralee shares the title, release date, and summary to whet your appetite!

Schedule permitting, Miralee will drop by today, so please feel free to leave comments.