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#BookReview: Out of the Ordinary by Jen Turano

18 Jan

Out of the Ordinary is a Gilded Age romance unlike any other! Humor and wit abound as the charming cast of characters, with their eccentricities and their antics, dance across the page. Delightfully entertaining from beginning to end, I relished the charming blend of mystery and romance in Gertrude’s and Harrison’s story. While Out of the Ordinary is lighthearted fare, it also delivers a heartfelt message. I love Turano’s tales and can’t wait for more!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. No review was required, and all thoughts expressed are my own.


About the book:

Miss Gertrude Cadwalader hoped her position as the paid companion to Mrs. Davenport would be easy. But as she becomes acquainted with her employer, she realizes the wealthy Mrs. Davenport has a strange tendency to be a bit light-fingered with other people’s trinkets. Gertrude is relieved when Mrs. Davenport decides to have a quiet summer away from the social scene–until the woman changes her mind in order to help a young socialite launch into society.

When Gertrude is caught in the act of trying to return one of the trinkets by Mrs. Sinclair, the mother of shipping magnate Harrison Sinclair, the woman jumps to an unfortunate conclusion. Harrison is determined to mend fences with Miss Cadwalader, but he’s unprepared for the escapades a friendship with her will entail.

Learn more about the book and the author.  

Friday Freebies

6 Jan

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At Your Request by Jen Turano


After her father lost the family fortune, Wilhelmina was cast out of the fashionable set and banished to the wallflower section. She is mortified when her friend Edgar returns to society for the first time since she rejected his proposal. Ashamed of her fall from grace, she tries to avoid him, but is there still hope for their friendship–or something more?



On the Ropes by Hallee Bridgeman


Doctor Ruth Burnette has everything she has ever dreamed possible: the perfect job, a twin sister who is her best friend, and a fiancé who is retiring from professional boxing as the middleweight champion of the world.

Then came that fateful night when she witnessed a mafia execution. When her sister is murdered she knows she’ll battle to the last round and never, ever throw in the towel. Now she’s down for the count, in witness protection, anxious, alone except for the faithful company of her German Shepherd at her side.

As the time draws near to when she has to leave her safe little corner she stays on her toes. She has to testify against one of the darkest criminals in New York, she shores up the courage to face the accused from the witness stand. Unexpectedly, he’s not the one who worries her. She wonders what coming face-to-face with his son, Victor Kovalev…her former fiancé …will bring.

Will Ruth have a fighting chance against the Kovalev family, or will Victor keep her pinned On the Ropes?



Things We Once Held Dear by Ann Tatlock


New Yorker Neil Sadler returns to his hometown of Mason, Ohio, where his small-town life had been rocked by the suspicious death of Helen Syfert, the mother of Neil’s friend Mary. He reconnects with Mary. Their once-close relationship hadn’t been strong enough to survive the tragedy that overtook Mary’s family, yet what drove them apart years ago now seems to be drawing them back together. But Neil is struggling to recover from a more recent loss. Yet the mystery of Helen’s death remains unsolved, and to bring closure will mean facing old truths—hard truths—and discovering some new ones.



Valley of Dreams by Lauraine Snelling


Cassie Lockwood’s mother died when she was little, so Cassie traveled with her father’s Wild West Show and became an amazingly skillful trick rider, likened by some to the famous Annie Oakley. When her father died, she continued to work with the show, having nowhere else to go.

Now Cassie has discovered that “Uncle” Jason, the show’s manager, has driven the show into debt, and he’s absconded with what little money was left. Devastated, Cassie decides to try to find the hidden valley where her father had dreamed of putting down roots. She has only one clue. She needs to find three huge stones that look like fingers raised in a giant hand. With Chief, a Sioux Indian who’s been with the show for twenty years, and Micah, the head wrangler, she leaves both the show and a bundle of heartache behind and begins a wild and daring adventure.



The Letters by Suzanne Woods Fisher


Rose Schrock is a plain woman with a simple plan. Determined to find a way to support her family and pay off her late husband’s debts, she sets to work to convert the basement of her Amish farmhouse into an inn. While her family, especially her cranky mother-in-law, is unhappy with Rose’s big idea, her friend and neighbor, Galen King, supports the decision and he helps with the conversion. As Rose finalizes preparations for visitors, she prays. She asks God to bless each guest who stays at the Inn at Eagle Hill. As the first guest arrives and settles in, Rose is surprised to discover that her entire family is the one who receives the blessings, in the most unexpected ways. And she’s even more surprised when that guest decides to play matchmaker for Galen King.

With her signature plot twists combined with gentle Amish romance, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher invites readers back to Stoney Ridge for fresh stories of simple pleasures despite the complexity of life. Fisher’s tale of God’s providence and provision will delight her fans and create many new ones. Welcome to the Inn at Eagle Hill.

#BookReview: Playing the Part | 5 Book #Giveaway

29 Mar


Playing the Part by Jen Turano

Purchase a copy: http://bit.ly/1RQM4QD

Lucetta Plum is an actress on the rise in New York City, but is forced to abandon her starring role when a fan’s interest turns threatening. Lucetta’s widowed friend, Abigail Hart, is delighted at the opportunity to meddle in Lucetta’s life and promptly whisks her away to her grandson’s estate to hide out.

Bram Haverstein may appear to simply be a somewhat eccentric gentleman of means, but a mysterious career and a secret fascination with a certain actress mean there’s much more to him than society knows.

Lucetta, who has no interest in Abigail’s matchmaking machinations, has the best intentions of remaining cordial but coolly distant to Bram. But when she can’t ignore the strange and mysterious things going on in his house, it’ll take more than good intentions to keep her from trying to discover who Bram is behind the part he plays.


My thoughts:

A castle, moat, and cannon! Oh my! Playing the Part is witty and wonderful and so much fun! Jen Turano’s imaginative stories are pure delight and never fail to elicit smiles and laughter. From the gothic goings-on to the animal antics, I reveled in the humor and hijinks of this entertaining tale. Lucetta Plum and Bram Haverstein share a unique story; theirs is a charming romance mixed with a large dollop of mystery. Readers who have enjoyed this series from the beginning are sure to be pleased with its final act. I most certainly hold Playing the Part in high esteem and can’t wait for Turano’s next madcap adventure!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own.


Enter to win a copy of Playing the Part—five winners will be chosen! Click the image below to enter the giveaway.  The winners will be announced April 7 on the Litfuse blog!




Jen TuranoAbout the author:

Jen Turano, author of the Ladies of Distinction series and the A Class of Their Own series, is a graduate of the University of Akron. She is a member of ACFW and lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado.

 Connect with Jen:
Website | Facebook



I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts expressed are my own. Click here to read what other bloggers are saying about Playing the Part.

In Good Company Giveaway

8 Jul


Bethany House Publishers is celebrating the release of In Good Company by giving away two fantastic prize packages!  Enter here!

Don’t miss this delightful story!  Read my review here.  


1st Prize – “From Millie’s Bookshelf”

Millie Longfellow is the consummate book lover. She carries a dictionary with her wherever she goes, practices new words on whomever she meets, and is permanently laden with a heavy bag full of her most precious books. As winner of first prize, you will receive all of the books that Millie holds dear, as well as the complete collection of Jen Turano’s books that are in print. And if that wasn’t enough, if anything is missing to complete your own bookshelf, you can add to it with a $150 Amazon gift card!

Books included in the “Millie’s Bookshelf Prize Package”:
Books from Jen Turano: In Good Company, After a Fashion, A Most Peculiar Circumstance, A Talent for Trouble, A Change of Fortune, A Match of Wits

Other treasures from Millie’s bookshelf:
The compete works of Jane Austin: Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
The Merriam Webster Dictionary, Thesauraus and Vocabulary Builder

2nd Prize – “Millie’s Bag of Treasures”

Millie’s prized tote goes with her everywhere, full of toys, books, trinkets, and anything else she might need for being the best nanny ever. Never find yourself unprepared with this beautiful gray houndstooth tote from Thirty-One.

This beautiful peacock comb and earrings will be a sweet reminder of the many laughing moments that you will encounter with a flock of peacocks, the antics of some sweet, yet mischievous children, and one calamity-prone nanny. You’ll enjoy every moment of Jen Turano’s hilarious new book In Good Company.

Review: In Good Company

6 Jul

In Good Company

In Good Company by Jen Turano

Purchase a copy:
Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Christianbook | DeeperShopping

After spending her childhood in an orphanage, Millie Longfellow is determined to become the best nanny the East Coast has ever seen. Unfortunately, her playfulness and enthusiasm tend to bring about situations that have employers looking askance at her methods. After her most recent dismissal, Millie is forced to return yet again to an employment agency.

Everett Mulberry has suddenly and quite unexpectedly found himself responsible for three children he’s never met. Attempting fatherhood while also pacifying the less-than-thrilled socialite he intends to marry is made even more complicated when the children scare off every nanny he hires. About to depart for Newport, Rhode Island, for the summer, he’s desperate for competent childcare.

At wit’s end with both Millie and Everett, the employment agency gives them one last chance–with each other. Everett is wary of Millie’s penchant for disaster, and she’s not entirely keen on another snobby, grumpy employer, but they’re both out of options. As Millie falls in love with her mischievous charges and tries to stay one step ahead of them, Everett is more focused on achieving the coveted status of society’s upper echelons. As he investigates the suspicious circumstances surrounding the children’s parents’ death, will it take the loss of those he loves to learn whose company he truly wants for the rest of his life?


My thoughts:

In Good Company is pure delight! With a writing voice all her own, Jen Turano has penned another imaginative tale that I believe is her best yet!

Millie Longfellow endeared herself to me in After a Fashion and I have been anxiously awaiting her story. This quirky character elicited non-stop smiles and laughter as I read In Good Company. I loved Millie’s creativity and charm as she dealt with her mischievous charges and her employer. Everett Mulberry was a bit obtuse and frustrating at times, especially with regard to the dreadful Caroline Dixon, but I enjoyed his transformation as the story progressed. Full of humor and heart, In Good Company is a must read! I adore Jen Turano and can’t wait for more of her fantastic stories!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. I appreciate the opportunity to read this story and share my thoughts.


Jen TuranoJen Turano is the acclaimed author of The Ladies of Distinction Series, published through Bethany House publishers. Her second novel, A Most Peculiar Circumstance, was chosen by Booklist as a Top Ten Romance for 2013. Her fourth book, A Match of Wits, released in July, 2014, while a new series, A Class of Their Own, will begin hitting the shelves in early 2015. She is a member of ACFW and makes her home outside of Denver, Colorado with her husband and teenage son.

Author links:
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Friday Freebies GALORE!!

15 May

In honor of the RT Booklovers Convention, Bethany House and Revell are offering the following e-books FREE through May 19! 


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Review: After a Fashion

20 Apr

After a Fashion

After a Fashion by Jen Turano

Purchase Links:
Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Christianbook | DeeperShopping

Miss Harriet Peabody dreams of the day she can open up a shop selling refashioned gowns to independent working women like herself. Unfortunately, when an errand for her millinery shop job goes sadly awry due to a difficult customer, she finds herself out of an income.

Mr. Oliver Addleshaw is on the verge of his biggest business deal yet when he learns his potential partner prefers to deal with men who are settled down and wed. When Oliver witnesses his ex not-quite-fiance cause the hapless Harriet to lose her job, he tries to make it up to her by enlisting her help in making a good impression on his business partner.

Harriet quickly finds her love of fashion can’t make her fashionable. She’ll never truly fit into Oliver’s world, but just as she’s ready to call off the fake relationship, fancy dinners, and elegant balls, a threat from her past forces both Oliver and Harriet to discover that love can come in the most surprising packages.


My thoughts:

Hilarity ensues in this latest release from Jen Turano!  After a Fashion boasts a vivid setting, excellent characterization, and an engaging storyline.  I loved the host of quirky characters and their witty dialogue and often outrageous antics.  Miss Harriet Peabody’s adventures were such fun and her relationship with Mr. Oliver Addleshaw was quite entertaining.  Their story is delightful, as is the unexpected twist at the end.  I enjoyed After a Fashion and look forward to the next release in this new series!  

I received a complimentary copy of After a Fashion.  I appreciate the opportunity to read this book and offer my honest opinion. 


Jen TuranoJen Turano is the acclaimed author of The Ladies of Distinction Series, published through Bethany House publishers. Her second novel, A Most Peculiar Circumstance was chosen by Booklist as a Top Ten Romance for 2013. Her fourth book, A Match of Wits, released in July, 2014, while a new series, A Class of Their Own, will begin hitting the shelves in early 2015. She is a member of ACFW and makes her home outside of Denver, Colorado with her husband and teenage son.

Author Links:
Website | Facebook


Four Free Kindle Books

7 Oct

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A Passion Most Pure

A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman

Gentleman of Her Dreams

Gentleman of Her Dreams by Jen Turano

Daughter of Twin Oaks

Daughter of Twin Oaks by Lauraine Snelling

An Untamed Land

An Untamed Land by Lauraine Snelling