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A Heart Deceived

6 Nov

A Heart Deceived

A Heart Deceived by Michelle Griep

TODAY ONLY grab a copy of A Heart Deceived by Michelle Griep for only $0.99 at Vyrso!  It has been receiving great reviews and I have already purchased a copy for myself to see what all the buzz is about!  Click the image above to purchase!


Miri Brayden teeters on a razor’s edge between placating and enraging her brother, whom she depends upon for support. Yet if his anger is unleashed, so is his madness. Miri must keep his descent into lunacy a secret, or he’ll be committed to an asylum-and she’ll be sent to the poorhouse. Ethan Goodwin has been on the run all of his life-from family, from the law … from God. After a heart-changing encounter with the gritty Reverend John Newton, Ethan would like nothing more than to become a man of integrity-an impossible feat for an opium addict charged with murder. When Ethan shows up on Miri’s doorstep, her balancing act falls to pieces. Both Ethan and Miri are caught in a web of lies and deceit-fallacies that land Ethan in prison and Miri in the asylum with her brother. Only the truth will set them free.

God's existence

To learn more about Michelle Griep, visit her wesbite at http://www.MichelleGriep.com